We are developing training courses both for QuIP data collection and data analysis. If you would be interested in using the QuIP in your work, please get in touch with us using the box on the right.



Full QuIP Guidelines

A manual for commissioners and field researchers carrying out QuIP studies, including example questionnaires.

Example QuIP study reports

Promoting further use of the QuIP

The Qualitative Impact Protocol is the output of an academic research project, but our aim was always to develop a very practical and accessible tool. We were fortunate to benefit from ESRC/DFID funding to develop our approach, but the QuIP needs a new home in order for it to live on beyond academia.

A small team of CDS researchers have therefore founded an independent, non-profit organisation called Bath Social & Development Research Ltd which will continue to support the dissemination of the approach and further development of the QuIP methodology for a range of different contexts, including social impact investing projects and projects in the UK voluntary and community sector. Bath SDR Ltd. is committed to:

  • supporting the dissemination of the QuIP
  • protecting the integrity of the approach
  • continuing to develop the methodology for a range of different contexts

Our work will be funded by the provision of consultancy services for organisations who wish to sub-contract complete QuIP studies, or who require support to integrate the QuIP into their existing performance assessment and management systems.